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Creating workplace solutions for people in business who are hard of hearing.

Welcome to the hearing inclusion website, dedicated to promoting awareness and advocating for inclusive practices for the hard of hearing in business.

Our mission is to provide information, raise awareness, and develop solutions to support individuals in the business world with hearing loss. We aim to help create an environment of acceptance and understanding where individuals who are hard of hearing are welcomed, respected and able to fully participate and contribute.


Now is the time to
start talking about 
Hearing Loss Inclusion

48 million American's have some degree of hearing loss


12% of the workforce has lost some hearing

Only one in five people who need hearing aids wear them

The average person waits 7-10 years to get hearing aids

Untreated hearing loss can lead to the following:​

  • 47% increase in depression (Reuters Health)​

  • 61% increase in dementia (John Hopkins)

  • Lost productivity due to social isolation

  • Strained personal relationships

  • Listening fatigue  


March 3rd is
World Hearing Day

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It’s not easy to navigate the business world with a hearing loss. It can be exhausting and cause reduced productivity due to depression, social isolation, and listening fatigue. For coworkers it can create confusion, and reduce collaboration.

Awareness, education, and customized solutions are the keys to improving retention and employee engagement with people who are hard of hearing. 

Keynote Speaking


"Say What?" The Invisible Disability Impacting The Workforce

Nicole’s keynote energizes employees of all abilities to think differently about hearing loss and its impacts in the workplace. Mixing industry data with personal anecdotes and plenty of humor, Nicole helps employees at all levels understand how to take proactive steps that enhance an organization’s DEI endeavors. In her 45-minute keynote presentation, Nicole will help your team comprehend:

  • Hearing loss 101: Causes, degrees of hearing loss and quality of life implications of untreated hearing loss

  • Impacts of hearing loss in the workplace: reduced productivity, impaired communication, frustration, social isolation and safety concerns

  • Examples of difficult work situations for people who are hard of hearing

  • Best practices for working with people who are hard of hearing

  • Steps your firm can take today to increase inclusion of hard of hearing employees

Workshop Facilitation

Nicole’s customized workshops help your teams get aligned, engaged and excited to address hearing loss challenges across your organization. Where a keynote presentation can raise awareness and inspire action, a workshop gives your team long term, customized, practical, and actionable solutions. Nicole helps your team dig deep, solve for your distinct challenges, and deliver an action-oriented framework to build lasting hearing inclusion efforts. Workshop participants will:

  • Obtain an in-depth understanding of the numerous and surprising ways hearing loss negatively impacts employees and productivity, including legal concerns and impacts to organizational DEI measurements

  • Discern how to assess physical/environmental barriers, group/meeting dynamics, and interpersonal relations to improve HOH engagement across diverse settings (manufacturing sites to board rooms, sales scenarios to online meetings, etc.)

  • Develop a plan of action on immediate, short term and long-term solutions to better integrate hard of hearing employees in your workplace, and increase productivity with teams including HOH members


Workshop Process

  • Discover:  Consultation to assess business needs for the organization

  • Design Solutions: Determine workshop schedule/meeting frequency 

  • Develop and Build:  Generate recommendation based on needs assessment

  • Deliver:  Action plan with solutions

  • Evaluate and Support: Pre, during and post survey analysis to track impact

Team Meeting

1:1 Coaching

Taking Notes

Each space and situation present unique opportunities to find efficient and effective ways to navigate the hurdles affecting individuals with hearing loss. Nicole excels at one-to-one coaching with HR specialists, organization leaders, and operations/facility managers helping them make sure all employees are heard. Nicole works quickly to help individuals define, solve and deliver solutions with lasting impact.


1:1 Coaching Process

  1. Discover:  Consultation to assess business needs for the individual

  2. Design Solutions: Determine coaching schedule/frequency

  3. Develop and Build:  Generate recommendation based on needs assessment

  4. Deliver:  Action plan with solutions

  5. Evaluate and Support: Pre, during and post survey analysis to track impact

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