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Nicole Behne

Hearing Inclusion Expert

As an award-winning senior corporate executive, brand builder, general manager, and DEI hearing loss inclusion expert, Nicole has earned a successful and proven track record in consumer-centric marketing, food service strategy development, team leadership, and employee resource group creation during her career at a Fortune 300 company.  She combines creativity with an analytical approach to shape strategy based on real-time market scenarios, trends, and competition.

Nicole has been recognized for building positive relationships cross-functionally, leading dynamic marketing teams, developing trusted agency relationships and bringing passionate energy into the room.  As a national brand spokesperson, she’s conducted numerous television interviews including NBC Nightly News, CBS Sunday Morning, Fox and Friends, and Hallmark Home and Family. In addition, she has been quoted in Forbes, Fortune, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Bon Appetit Magazine.  Her work on national brands such as SPAM, Jennie-O, Hormel Chili, and Dinty Moore Beef Stew have reversed declining sales and established platforms to drive future growth.

Today, Nicole creates workplace solutions for people who are hard of hearing.  Her work transforms an invisible challenge negatively impacting 12% of America’s workforce into environments where employees are more engaged, included and productive.  Each space and situation present unique opportunities to find efficient and effective ways to navigate the hurdles that affect individuals with hearing loss. She understands the value of a company’s diverse workforce and leads the charge to make sure everyone is “heard.”

Why Hearing Loss Inclusion?

Did you know that 12% of the workforce has some degree of hearing loss.  Hearing deteriorates with age.  American's are working longer with baby boomers coming back into the workforce out of retirement or working longer.  Over 28M Americans could benefit from hearing aids. Typically a person waits seven to ten years to get hearing aids once they detect a loss in hearing.  Untreated hearing loss leads to lost productivity caused by depression, social isolation, and listening fatigue.


Most organizations are not talking about hearing loss inclusion.  They should be.

Now is the time to start talking about hearing loss inclusion at work.

Contact Nicole today for a consultation.

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