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Creating workplace solutions for people in business who are hard of hearing


Now is the time to
start talking about 
Hearing Loss Inclusion

48 million American's have some degree of hearing loss


12% of the workforce has lost some hearing

Only one in five people who need hearing aids wear them

The average person waits 7-10 years to get hearing aids

Un-treated hearing loss can lead to the following:

  • 47% increase in depression (Reuters Health)​

  • 61% increase in dementia (John Hopkins)

  • Lost productivity due to social isolation

  • Strained personal relationships

  • Listening fatigue  



It’s not easy to navigate the business world with a hearing loss. It can be exhausting and cause reduced productivity due to depression, social isolation, and listening fatigue. For coworkers it can create confusion, and reduce collaboration.

Awareness, education, and customized solutions are the keys to improving retention and employee engagement with people who are hard of hearing. 



IMG_2672[1314] - Fav_edited.jpg

Nicole is an expert in creating workplace solutions for people in business who are hard of hearing.  

 As a marketing executive with a significant hearing loss, she has learned how to adapt to challenging situations in many corporate environments utilizing technology, spatial awareness and educating her peer group on best practices for engaging with her.  Nicole is passionate about generating awareness and providing practical solutions to the ever-growing class of business professionals with hearing loss. 



Nicole in the news as a brand spokesperson

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